Neo Group was established in 1994 as a food additives company in Thailand. We have the strong focus on food specialty ingredients and have become one of the leading importer,exporter, manufacturer, and distributor of a wide variety range of products. Our commodity fits perfectly in the field of food, feed, pharmacy and cosmetic. The revenues of our group is expected to be nearly $15,000,000 per year.

Our operation office and warehouses are situated in Samutsakorn, Thailand, about 35 km from Bangkok city. Our warehouses cover over 5,000 square meter with over 500 metric tons capacity. Being one of the principal food ingredients suppliers in Thailand, we are well positioned to meet our customers’ specific demands in the shortest possible time.

According to the market share in Thailand in 2015, In the field of clouding agents, Neo Group solely have over 70% market share. Moreover, Paprika, the well-known orange-red natural color, have been sold over 60% of the market by Neo Group. In addition to the natural color, we always innovatively introduce the unique sources of color. Similarly, even to the highly competitive field of synthetic color, we share over 35%.

“Although we may be small in number, that does not prevail us from the spirited strive to give out the best quality of products”
-Narongsak Panawat NEOGROUPS MD